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• Here is a short list of some of the tasting classes we offer. For further or additional information please call Patrick at 612 377 2717 or email him at patrick@cheeseguy.com.


United States

America the Beautiful:  An overview of American Artisanal Cheese including regional favorites and pioneers in American Cheesemaking.  Discover why American Cheeses are so popular, even with the judges.  Taste your way through each region of our country, from the flocks of New England to the riches of California.  Taste the cheddars of the Heartland to the chèvres of Texas.  This land is your land indeed!

Midwest Regional Cheese:  Explore an area that’s within a half-day’s drive.  Learn about the area’s first cheesemakers and the changes in the region’s cheese production over the last 100 years.  Explore the “New American Cheesemakers” and why some really are not so new.  Taste blues straight from the cave, ricotta right from the vat and gouda fresh off the farmstead.  How about a World Champion Gruyère at your next party?

Minnesota Cheesemakers:  What’s in your backyard?  Discover Minnesota’s first family of gouda and why blue cheese is better if it comes from a cave!  Wander through the Dairy Building at the State Fair and learn about our own award-winning cheeses.  Taste what’s made here at home.  See what it means to be “Made in Minnesota”.

Wisconsin Cheesemakers:  Learn why it’s the “Dairy State.”  Travel around the state and you’ll find a vast number of and variety of cheeses.  Learn why swiss was popular in Monroe County.  Discover this country’s last maker of Limburger cheese and how what’s old is new again.  Taste four generations of family cheesemaking and experience first-hand the flavors of the “New Wisconsin Cheese”.

Cheeses of New England:  Tour the region’s best and brightest cheesemakers.  The rolling pastures of Vermont or New York produce some this country’s finest cheeses.  Find a version of raclette like you’ve only read about.  Find out what handbags and chèvre have in common.  Taste a bite and know that Herkimer County is indeed a real place.  Savor the flavor of a blue and understand why it was once “Best in Show”.

California Pioneers:  Discover gold in places you never thought of before.  Throughout the state you’ll find an array of cheeses as individual as the people who make them.  From Humboldt County to Modesto, from Crescent City to Petaluma, from cheeses you’ve never heard of to some mistakes you know and love.  In Pt. Reyes, you can taste what the sea breezes do for cheeses.


Across the Ocean:

Great Britain: Best of the Brits. Learn what the cliffs of Dover have to do with cheese. Take a trip to the Bell Inn and discover why one cheese rules the blues. Is Cheddar a real place or just a verb? Explore the pastures of Ireland and taste the difference a place makes. 

France:  First and Foremost in Cheese. Largest number of varieties, largest quantity consumed per-capita, largest number of copied varieties. Is it any wonder DeGaulle was concerned?  Explore the French countryside through cheese. Learn the secrets behind the “A.O.C. Designation”. Taste the diverse flavors from diverse regions while delighting your senses and leaving lasting memories.
Italy: From Palermo to Rome to Milan to Florence to Venice! Travel above the butter-line and discover Italy’s best kept secret. Find what makes Parmigiano Reggiano the “Undisputed King of Cheeses”. Explore the difference time can make in a Pecorino from Sicily.

Spain & Portugal:  Europe’s Rising Stars. Outstanding cheeses have been made here for centuries and yet little seems to be known about them outside of a select few. Go deeper into history and discover a world beyond Manchego. Find out if it’s true that a certain cheese has been made for over 3000 years.