Tasting Flights:

Cheddar 101:  everything you ever wanted to know about cheddar including where it comes from and why it’s orange. Or white. Find out just where Cheddar is. And just what “cheddaring” does. Discover what time can do to cheddar and cheddars can do over time. See for yourself what the fuss over cheese curds is all about.

Singing the Blues: Blue Cheese From Around the World. Some of the greatest cheeses are blues, each specific to its own place. English stilton and French roquefort and gorgonzola from Italy to name but a few. Learn what makes a blue… blue. Discover why some blues simply can’t be replicated. See how a sense of place and “terroir” play an enormous role in your favorite blue.

Chèvre 101:  All About Goat Cheese.  From breeds to manufacturing discover the world of chèvre.  Fresh chèvre, Aged chèvre, Rinded chèvre, Flavored chèvre, Gumbo chèvre, Chèvre Etouffee, brie made from chèvre, cheddar made from chèvre.  So many chèvres and so little time!

Brie:  The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.  Learn why some are good and some are not so good at all.  Discover why “cat’s fur” is important, what it means to “hand-ladle” and why if you’ve never been to France, you’ve never really tasted Brie.  Taste the true difference between Brie and Camembert and believe what the fuss is all about.